Use The Best Learning Resources To Study Hebrew

There are many reasons to study Hebrew. A person may be going on a trip to Israel, considering converting to the Jewish faith, wanting to better communicate with Hebrew speaking people, or studying historic Hebrew writings. Every reason is valid. There are many books and other study aids for learning Hebrew, some better than others. It is worth the time to look at ratings and decide which books are the best ones for learning. Textbooks can be a safe, reliable way to learn Hebrew. Books for Learning Hebrew can cover the Hebrew alphabet, grammar, reading, and writing.

Six Of The Most Useful Books For Those Beginning To Study Hebrew

  • The complete addition of Living Language Hebrew: This is the one to get if a person is only purchasing one book. It comes with nine CDs and three books covering everything from beginning Hebrew to advanced Hebrew. It is a good program for self-study that includes a lot of practice materials. This book covers writing, speaking, and reading Hebrew. Learn to speak Hebrew with This book.


  • The book Teach Yourself To Read Hebrew focuses solely on reading Hebrew in 92 pages and 10 lessons. It is very good for beginners. Though it is quick and direct, there are no practice exercises included.
  • Another useful book is A Step by Step Guide to Modern Hebrew. This is modern, not biblical Hebrew so it may be more practical for the learner. The reader starts the lessons with the seven verb groups along with the conjugations. At the end, a person should be able to complete many sentences and recognize common patterns in Hebrew. This is a book the learner should use in conjunction with other books that cover vocabulary, reading, and phrases.
  • My First Hebrew Word Book is an easy introduction to Hebrew with only 32 pages. This might be the book to take on that trip to Israel. The pages are divided into subjects such as family, food, clothing, weather, and so on in both Hebrew and English. The reader learns beginning Hebrew with the help of both words and pictures.
  • If a person wants to master grammar, The Routledge Introductory Course in Modern Hebrew is worth considering. This 384-page book will take the learner from beginner to advanced status with a lot of practice and review. The many dialogue examples are a great break from studying the rules. This is a book that helps people who want to improve their speaking and communication in Hebrew.
  • Once you know the Hebrew alphabet, Hebrew: A Language Course Level One is a 243-page textbook that helps the learner read sentences and paragraphs. It will help with both reading and writing effectively in Hebrew.

The level and reason a person is learning Hebrew will determine which books and other learning aids will be best. Everyone learns in their own way. Some people prefer to learn online with tutorials, while others prefer books or CDs. For many, a combination of learning aids will have the best result. Despite using books, one of the best ways to learn it to use an interactive multi-media tutorial for learning Hebrew at

4 Fun Hebrew Words

Israel is the place that has celebrated it’s 60th birthday (as a modern nation), but has thousands of years history as the home of the Jewish people.  Hebrew is the language that brings culture and people together in Israel. This is the place that has accomplished and educated tour guides to ensure your best trip to Israel.  Imagine the he delight of speaking to your Israeli friends, learning the language so that you can teach the kids, or impressing an Israeli on a romantic date.

It is necessary for you to mark the milestone in the history of Jews so that you can be and do the Jewish thing and speak the language.  Here are the four important words that any tourist should learn before stepping off a plane at Ben Gurion airport.


Hello, peace and goodbye are the major meanings related with Shalon. Shalom Yossi how are you? Is a phrase that is uttered in much higher frequency in dictionary. It has got three meanings so that you can make that indispendable tool for everyday conversation. It is something very useful to anyone even during international summits. You should know this word and also the meaning of it so that you can make use of that in the finest way possible. When you make use of this word you can get the finest kind of solution for the same. You can easily get what is the best solution so that you can get the best kind of welcoming smile. Most of the individuals may find it as a good feeling when you use the words in their language to start the conversation. It can actually create a positive vibe when you converse. It is necessary for you to make use of the things related with that.


Slicha is something that you can use to express sorry or excuse me. [Pronounce the ‘ch’ as a gutteral as in Chanukahy or Challah.] Slicha is the word that can be very handy when you want attention from any Israeli at the time of a context when you need to express sorry. It is the word that can make you survive in the place. It is not possible to actually get the best kind of the things related with the choices that you make. Try to be very sure about what exactly you are planning to do in the place and also then start learning the language. You should thus pick up the words which may come so handy for you to get when things are fine. You should know some of the things related with it. It is necessary to use this word when you actually need to make use of the same for your need. There are many situations that may come when you have to apologize to somebody and so it is necessary for you to get what can be best for you. There are chances for things to work in the finest way so that there will not be any kind of issues there.


Pronoucned like “Toe Dah is”, this is the word that is equivalent to thank you. It is always important for you to know the fact that thanking the persons who are there around is a very good habit. It is many times important to do that in the finest way so that you can steal their hearts. Many of the things that are associated with it can be associated much with the gesture and also the things in much proper manner. There are quite a lot of things related with this word. In every language, you should have the best kind of the things related with thank you. It is good for you to actually get what can be best for you so that things can work. You should know that using the word in the same language to thank somebody is a thing which is going to steal the attention in much better way than what you imagine. Make sure that you get the finest kind of attention and also appreciation through learning the language. Try to at least have these basic words handy so that they may feel that you have a positive attitude towards their language as well as culture.

Naim Me’od

This is the word that says it is pleasant. When you meet somebody and also you are about to leave then you can make use of this to express the good feeling that you have by being with that person. It is always a good manners to be with someone who can actually get the things done in such a way that you can meet the person and also can make them feel really great than what you have imagined. It is also suggested that you get the finest kind of the details only when you are actually doing the things and also you are expressing the words in proper manner. It is always good to make use of the Hebrew when you are conversing at least when you are actually getting the things in a bad way. You can express the way you want. There are chances for you to make use of it when you are meeting somebody for the first time. It can many times work well. There are quite a lot of things related with that. This can be really much useful to you when you are meeting the people in proper way.

Hebrew is the language that is good if you are learning it. If you at least know these four very commonly as well as frequently used words then things can go a bit smooth for you when you are meeting and interacting with people. Try to be always very good with the things that happen in the finest way possible. There are quite a lot of things that can come so that things can work in finest way. Language is always the best thing that you should know regarding it for you. It is always important for this to happen in smooth way.

Here’s a Video To Help Enforce Your New Vocabulary Words

Learning Hebrew

What to look for in a Hebrew class

Do you prefer a classroom experience or a group learning experience?
The most traditional way is a classroom setting. This technique has the advantage of meeting new people with similar interest. It makes it easier to practice the language.
The Hebrew alphabet is different from what we are used to. It goes from right to left. Most of the introductory lessons are aimed at teaching learners to speak, read and write in Hebrew. However, it is up to the learner to determine what they hope to achieve by signing up for the classes.

Where to learn Hebrew

The Hebrewpod101
It is a website that belongs to the Innovative Language family. It includes an audio and video course. It also contains additional learning materials that cover beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.
It has an interactive dashboard, study tools, and learning materials. The learners can develop a personalized syllabus that allows learners to learn at their pace. Some of the additional resources in the module include grammar tutorials in alphabets and pronunciation and a Hebrew dictionary. The learners can keep track of their learning progress on their dashboards.


It is a website that offers an immersive learning experience for anyone willing to learn Hebrew. The course is tailored to meet the specific knowledge needs of the learners ranging from beginners to advanced learners.
The online class has a certified and real teacher and up to seven students. The lessons last for an hour or two on a weekly basis.
The programs teach learners to read, write, speak, and other cultures associated with Hebrew. Learners pick a new vocabulary in every lesson.

Transparent Language

It is a web-based technology and interactive software that aims at creating research base and experience driven programs. Learners use flash cards to learn new phrases and vocabulary. The site offers online classes, grammar tips, blog posts and instructional videos. The courses are ideal for beginners. However, there are other resources that can benefit the advanced learners.

The Former Livemocha

It is an online language learning platform that enables people to learn foreign languages globally. The exercises and lessons on the module are aimed at improving the writing and speaking skills of the learners through various interactive activities.
Besides learning Hebrew, learners can interact with native Hebrew speakers. The native speaker gives feedback on the learner’s progress.
The teaching methodology is based on observing, learning and practicing the language. Lastly, learners study at their pace. Unfortunately, this excellent resource is being shutdown.

Hiring a tutor

Identify a reliable and competent tutor who will teach you Hebrew. The advantage of having a tutor is the face to face communication. The tutor can easily monitor the learning progress of the learner. However, it is important that the learner hires a competent Hebrew tutor.

Learn Hebrew Fast Online

It is an online course developed by a Hebrew teacher known as Elana Watson. The course is based on the Davie method.
The course is based on video lessons and is ideal for all ages. Thanks to the fact that the software lacks most of the modern features, the course is not very engaging and interactive. It is an ideal course for beginners as it covers the basic concepts.